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So Why Are We More Scared Than Ever?

Fear is prevalent in our society. Fear of not living up to expectations, set by yourself or others. Fear of rejection, feeling like we may not be accepted by others. Fear of commitment, we enjoy playing with an idea without ever fully committing to it.

Mindset is everything. Every journey begins in the mind.

Often we end up overcomplicating situations with our fears and doubts when we should learn to jump into the adventure that we plan on creating. Make it happen.


As entrepreneurs, we are always thinking. We have ideas fly through our head daily. These ideas are fleeting fortune if we only could create a plan and act on that plan. Many of the wealthiest ideas are laying in the grave, buried with the person who could not create.

Habits of Action

Paralysis by analysis, or being overwhelmed to begin. We often wait until we know everything there is to know. While this can be valuable to make sure you are knowledgeable about what you are doing, you have to be able to get yourself to the point where you act. Sometimes building momentum can be as simple as one small win. Write something, take a photo, dance a little bit, take a deep breathe in and recollect. Small wins throughout the day can create appreciation for forward momentum.

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  • Don’t be overwhelmed by fear, let it guide you, but not stop you.
  • Implement, create action.
  • Habits of forward momentum.

The world around you was meant to be created by your unique vision and ideas. Bring them out into the world and show the unseen or unimaginable.

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